Something has kept my mind busy for a couple of days!

Have you ever had this experience that want someone to have some characteristics?

That person is really important to you and those details are not important at all, but there are times that you wish that he/she had them.

Then one day, you see someone, someone who does not play any role in your life, you just see that person, and notice that he/she has the exact same details, you start to pay more attention.

Then to great surprise, you see that those details are not only what you want anymore but also you find them annoying!

Your first guess is that, it’s clear; the person is not the one you adore.

But it’s not that completely. With or without those details you adored and still adore that person, that’s because sometimes what you think you like, is not what you really like and won’t make you happy in real world.

I have the exact same feeling, and see that what I though make a person more adorable is a little disgusting to me in reality!

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